Welcome to my website, my name is Kerstin Käärik, I´m the creator and designer of KERST.in Cóuture. I am delighted you have landed here and are interested in my work. The main characteristic of the brand is fabric manipulation, which allows playing with textiles and creating special forms. This is an haute couture brand, as is typical for couture, quantities of items made by hand are remarkably large, which makes each product unique. All products are made to order, taking into account the uniqueness of the customer's measurements, color and tone preferences, and further special requests.
As a designer, I love pure tones, since fabric manipulation gives the products their originality and playfulness. There is no possibility of going unnoticed when wearing my pieces, as KERST.in Couture is designed to stand out in the best way. When creating fashion, I am inspired by the brave and powerful women around me who don't want to blend in with the crowd but want to show the world that they are goddesses and deserve the best. As a designer, I am based on the needs and wishes of women, creating timelessly stylish clothes for everyday wear as well as for more festive occasions. I like that the products can be worn in many ways, that way my creations find more use and don't stay in the hangar waiting for better times.

Have you dreamed of wearing KERST.in Couture creations? Contact me and I will find the best piece for you.