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My name is Kerstin Käärik, I´m the creator and designer of Cóuture. I am delighted you have landed here and are interested in my work. The main characteristics of the brand is fabric manipulation, which allows playing with textiles and creating special forms. This is a haute couture brand, as is typical for couture, quantities of items made by hand are remarkably large, which makes each product unique. All products are made to order, taking into account the uniqueness of the customer's measurements, colour and tone preferences, and further special requests.


    Be a part of the uniqueness of Estonian design, which is strongly related to our craft culture, which stretches far and contains so many exciting solutions, craft is in our blood. Couture is part of the love for Estonian craft culture, the desire to enrich our small nation with fashion design that would reach every corner of the world.

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    This is an authentic blog where you can peek behind the curtains of the fashion world and familiarise yourself with the everyday life of Couture. The blog showcases the designer's view on what is happening in the fashion world and you will have an insight on the brand’s current events.

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    In addition to collections, I also make unique clothes just for you, who appreciates a unique and personal approach. Choose the colors and fabric that suit you best together, which will turn you into a goddess. I can also help with styling if you have an important event coming up and you want to shine.

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